How Are We Different?

        ·                     This application is innovative approach for helping customers understand how they can satisfy their ambiguous preferences without necessity of real estate agent involvement. The system mimics real estate agent by demonstrating the shortest path to reach the goals, set by the client, and advises on what steps should be taken to afford a dream property. The user can research relationship between affordability of Real Estate and his/her desires at convenience of home devoting as much time to it as desired.  The user can change the preferences and observe the consequences in terms of availability, affordability of realties, etc. The Real Estate Agency can release time to take more care of business, which requires immediate human involvement by providing clients access to this interactive web-based tool.  


·                     Additional application components will allow customers conduct Pre-Closing and Closing processes online. Real Estate professionals (Attorneys, Title Clerks, etc) will be able to conduct business online thus saving dramatic amount of money on travel and other expenses (it will play nicely in this economy). Service contractors will have a large audience for services and products. 


 ·                  Help thousands of Eco Brokers (we’ll promote selling eco products like green roofs, which help with water runoff and lower heating and cooling costs, urban farming, etc) with  their quest of making Earth eco friendly and make money in a process. We’ll also help homeowners with updating their current properties with eco aware green standards without using any middlemen.


 ·                 As a next step we’re adding Business and Commercial components to the Residential so customers will be able to use one stop business.