How To Assist

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To JOIN our list of Assistants OR access, all you need is to click on Register and then choose the type of Assistant that the best describe you and your service.

As Assistant you will be able to assist registered users with their questions and needs they may have, to close the real estate transaction they are involved in depend on your assistant role: There are four major Assistants categories:

Closing Assistant
     - Such as Attorneys, Title and Escrow Agents, Real Estate Agent and Brokers,
Financial Assistant  - Such as Mortgage Brokers and bankers, Financial Advisors, and Consultants.
Green Assistant       - Such as Green and Echo contractors, Service and suppliers.
Service Assistant    - Such as Contractors and Service contractors related to Real Estate. 
Buyers and Sellers will compete to communicate with you and potentially hire you as Closing, Financial, Service, or Green Assistant.
This website will allow you make money from the convenience of your office or while you are away from your office. 

Buyer, Seller and website users are advised that we do not guarantee the performance of others who have provided services or products and do not guarantee the adequacy or completeness of repairs or service made by others. The list provided does not constitute or endorsement of the assistants, service, and products.
Buyer, Seller, and any user are advised to contact their choice of service providers to determine if said provider will provided desired service.

                                    If you need to know more please click on Site Tour and click there on any "Assistant". 



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