Our Story
Based in the USA, a Real Estate Broker, business analyst, and mathematician, got together and decided to make our world better for the real estate market place. For the last 7 years we have worked from the basement, LITERALLY, to develop this wonderful, straight forward, paperless and environmentally oriented website application for you to enjoy.
What can you do on this site and benefits? (read more...)
What can you do on this site and benefits?

Save Money with us

Sell, Buy, Advertise, and/or  Market - Buyers, Seller, Investors, Banks and Financial Institutions, from the USA and from any country in the world, are able to List, Buy, Sell, Advertise, or  Market their homes on our Local and International multi task, interactive web site application. The user have the option to include the Multiple Listing Services (MLS), www.Realtors.com, and others web sites with our one stop application and BIG savings starting from our special of $ 0.99 a month for the first three months.


Make money - Real Estate Agent, Service Professional, and Contractor

As a Real Estate Agent or Broker, Service or Trade Professional like Attorney, Mortgage, Insurance, Service Contractor and other, you will be able to sign up with us and get your own personalized Web Page and Workplace for the local and International world to see. If you join us,  buyers, sellers, investors, banks, institutions, visitors, and others will be able to see and select you to help them to prepare the house for sell, Inspect or maintain, service the closing process, maintain or upgrade the house after the sell. All Assistants… Financial, Green, Service, and Closing will gain new repeat costumers in the process. Other consumers and the Website users may select you as their assistant, adviser, and mentor.

Internet Security – will allow the users to securely organize the information collected during the selling, marketing, or closing. All website processes are using the highest available Internet security.

Our Tools to use - How are we different? (read more...)
Our Tools to use - How are we different?

There are many tools right here to help you Sell, Buy, Market, and close the sell. All based on paperless approach and execution.

Virtual Workplace - Where sellers, buyers, attorneys, real estate professionals and others can conveniently save their searched properties, correspondences, and documents.  It allow you securely make payments, communicate, interact, share and save documents with transaction history in real time, using Chat, E-Mail, Text Massaging and Video interactions.

Virtual Pre-Closing and Virtual Closing - Where all the parties to the transaction with an Internet connection, can meet to interact in real time, share documents, digitally sign and distribute documents,  complete the transaction efficiently and securely, and document the entire proceedings.

Artificial Intelligence Interview Engine – This property search Interview uses the Artificial Intelligence, in the Property Selection Engine which will assist buyer in navigating the database to the suitable homes in a quicker, easier and more intuitive manner.

Buyers and Sellers - No long documents and instructions to read: in our site you are not reading the endless pages of how-to; all you need is to contact our ranked professional Assistants and get answers from them fast and efficiently. 

Buyers, Sellers & Professional benefits (read more...)
Buyers, Sellers & Professional benefits

Do it Yourself or combine with Full Real Estate Brokerage Service - Choose from the previous two or choose to start with Do it Yourself starting at $.0.99 per month for the first 3 months, then move to get help from our ranking professionals assistants, and if you feel it is still too much work for you, then choose the Full Real Estate Brokerage Service and pay only 3.25% commission. You may also choose to combine and build your options as you go to match your need and abilities.

Search for homes- Use our Basic Search like everywhere else, or use our unique interactive, patent pending, personalized Interview - a Real Estate Intelligence Search Engine. Input your preferences for your future home and the Engine will recommend and search for the homes that best fit your needs. You will be able to change preferences, interact with the search engine, and observe the new results (it is like having your own real estate agent 24 hours a day). 

Contact buyers or sellers directly - and close the sale your way: The normal traditional way with the help of your attorney, closing agent, or close the deal on line and the highly secured paperless Virtual Closing site using Electronic Signature. If you prefer, you may use the combination of the above or none of the above. Register and Log In to interact and use the help and services of recommended professionals such as Attorneys, Mortgage, Insurance, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, and others, to help you in your home sell, buy, Closing, and staging (Preparing for sale) of your property.  These professionals are ranked and graded by other users.

   Unique Seller Input Form - Our special Seller Input Form allows sellers to fill very descriptive information unavailable on any other sites that we had checked. Do not let buyers waste your time, give them as much information as possible, so they know the property well before that visit or contact you. Add as many photos as you like, virtual tours, floor plan, video presentation on Social Media, and more. Buyer – know as much as possible about a property before contacting seller.

Buyer, Seller, and Professional Help Assistants lists - Create your own lists of Buyer, Seller, Properties, and Professionals Help Assistants, using My Workplace option, to organize the buying, selling, and marketing processes in one communication place, My Work Place.

Eco - Green Energy Marketplace (read more...)
Eco - Green Energy Marketplaces

As Real Estate Eco/Green broker/agent, contractor, or professional, you will use this website to help thousands of property owners with their quest of making their homes more Earth eco-friendly and earn money in the process.   Market and advertise your services or products to the local and international audience. Get new markets open for you; explore new followers on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media.

Sell/Buy Eco, Green, environmentally friendly homes - Our Site provides sellers, buyers, contractors, and service assistants access to Green/ Eco professionals and help sellers to improve green characteristics and energy savings features to their properties and differentiates from the competition. As a home buyer or seller, you will have an opportunity to sell your unique green and environmentally friendly featured house, attracting more potential buyers and sellers.                                          

 If you have access to green products, or manufacturers of solar and wind based energy equipment, green and environmentally friendly building products, or you are a green builder/contractor, you will have an immediate access to environmentally conscious homeowners to help you to build your client list and markets.

International Market benefits (read more...)
REO - Foreclosed properties (read more...)
REO - Foreclosed properties

Sell REO and Foreclosure properties - We are offering banks, financial institutions, and owners who owns  50 homes or more  additional Internet based selling option that provides an expedited real estate properties sales by connecting Sellers and REO of large volume properties with Buyers/Investors of large volumes properties who would like to sell/buy in quantities.

Additional Option - Have additional option to marketing these properties in addition to or instead of going through the foreclosure process.

Help investors to sell foreclosed properties after they had been renovated using our special tools:

  • Use the exclusive, Patent Pending, innovative and advanced tools and processes for better marketing, expose, and description of seller homes to potential buyers in all markets, local and the international as well.
  • Use our website proprietary processes for better communication with all parties through all a variety of communication channels, including the latest technology of smart phones, social media, etc.
  • Provide investors with the proprietary Virtual Closing option – all real estate transactions can be closed using our unique real time processes thus dramatically reducing costs and time. 
Our pricing model and price policy are quite different, we’re introducing a la carte menu of pricing options. We have made our price options very affordable. Savings are all around (details).